HowlinRain Band

Howlin’ Rain

Ethan Miller is the artist who formed the Howlin’ Rain band together with drummer John Moloney and an old school mate, Ian Gradek, who had just given up a plan to start a business to provide services of grease trap cleaning in Philadelphia. This decision to start a new band emerged from Ethan Miller’s desire to embrace a more melodic sound in his creations and to take advantage of his youth years spent on the Lost Coast. He launched the Howlin’ Rain’s debut album in 2006, right after releasing the last album of his then current band, Comets of Fire.

As drummer John Moloney decided to leave the band after the release of this first album, Queens of the Stone Age, Miller added Garett Goddard, Eli Eckert and Joel Robinow. In 2008 the band released its second album, Magnificent Fiend, as well as a third one, The EP Wild Life.

Today, the band counts Ethan Miller and Joel Robinow as pillar members, as well as lead guitar Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless). Cyrus Comiskey and Raj Ojha are the composers of their new rhythm section.

In December 2010, the band was invited to perform at the second edition of the Bowlie Weekender festival, organized by Belle & Sebastian and presented by All Tomorrow’s Parties in the UK. 2010 is also the year when Howlin’ Rain released the digital version of their EP, The Good Life. In the beginning of 2011, a limited vinyl edition followed, courtesy of American and Birdman records. After the band released The Russian Wilds, Joel Robinson unexpectedly left Howlin’ Rain, so the band had to go on without him.

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